Our Meetings

Prayer Meeting

The prayer meeting is a time for us to cooperate with the Lord by interceding for His interest. We meet every Tuesday for this purpose as the church.

Prophesying Meeting

The prophesying meeting for us to exercise our function as members of the Body of Christ. In this meeting each one has something to share as First Corinthians 14 says.

Table Meeting

The table meeting is a time to remember the Lord and praising the Father. We do this by eating and drinking the bread and the cup respectively.

Home Meeting

Our home meetings are, as the tittle says, meetings in homes to edify the members and new believers in the faith. We sing, pray and take this time to learn from one another and for any situation needed. This is a good time for questions and answers. We can come to your home for a meeting too. Just let know by contacting us. It does not have to be every week, it can be any time you are available.