Treasuring the Human Spirit and the Divine Truth

I was seventeen years old when I had my first experience with the Lord Jesus Christ. What a wonderful inward cleansing and renewing I enjoyed! Approximately one year later, I came to my first meeting of the local church. Again, I experienced a further renewing and an advance in my experience of Christ. For what I have gained here, I will be eternally grateful before the Lord.

What I treasure the most from my experience in the local church is finding out about the human spirit and the revelation of Christ. From my first meeting, I was helped to know and exercise my human spirit. I knew that God is Spirit, but I never realized that I myself had a corresponding part, that I can use to contact and worship Him (John 4:24). This realization has opened up the way for me to know the Lord. I have also treasured the truth from the ministry of Witness Lee. The truth from the Word has been a real nourishing and strengthening to me, a light to my path. Without the unveiling of the Lord’s truth, I never would have known that God has an eternal purpose! The truth has been the trellis on which my experience of Christ has grown.

My wife and I are happily married with five children and we have been meeting with the local churches for twenty-five years. What an enjoyment we have had of the Lord in His Body!!


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