My life has been changed

My life has been changed since 2009 when I came to US and received Lord. A family provided me with hospitality right after I get to this country. I was fist time brought to a Friday home meeting, where I was touched by the saints in Corvallis around me and their words talking about Lord. Educated with non god theories, it was a hard process for me to believe god exists.

With time going on and after several meetings I attend, as well as certain circumstances happened to me, I found out that God’s life has get into me and my life has got into a new realm that I would never thought so wonderful. Receiving Lord and living in a divine life become my best experience so far. I give thanks to God for selecting me and providing me with this life.


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Picture of brothers and sisters.

The Holy Word for Morning Revival is Cooperating with the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ.
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