Life and Peace

The Lord rescued me from a dark situation but I still had so many sinful habits. I was bothered and condemned by them, but when I tried to be good, I felt so dead and as though the Lord was far away from me. Eventually, I gave up trying to be a Christian. It was just too hard. I went back to my old life because at least I felt alive. But still I had no peace.

Then a close friend at work brought me to the local church. There the Bible was opened in such a way that my wrong concepts were exposed. I discovered that I had a human spirit and how to set my mind on my spirit. In this way, I received the energy and strength to forsake the sins which so easily entangled me. At last I had life and peace.

Through the 20 years since then, the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and the fellowship in the church life have sustained me through all the ups and downs of human life. I am grateful for the life, truth and grace I have received through this ministry.


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