A Testimony Regarding the Local Churches

I came from an orthodox Christian background. My parents and grandparents were all strong Christians. I remember that the Bible was one of the first books I learned to read. At our family devotions, I loved to gather around the piano with dad, my sister, and my three brothers and sing while mom played hymns. Over the years we attended the Baptist, Evangelical Free, and Presbyterian denominations.

During my college years, the Lord seemed to fade into the background. Then, in the middle of a hardship I cried out to Him, “God, where is the love!” About three months later, an acquaintance of mine invited me to a meeting of the local church. There was so much life and light! The singing was so enjoyable that I felt as if I had never really sung before.

Since that time, twenty-six rich years have passed. I have enjoyed meeting with the local church while living in Spokane, WA as well as Portland and Eugene, OR. I can’t express enough the thanksgiving in my heart for the help I have received through the church meetings and the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.


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