Enjoyment in the Local Churches

I was dynamically saved in Eugene, Oregon in the winter of 1981 while meeting with the local church there. In 1987 my family moved to Anchorage, Alaska. My years in the church in Eugene had been so wonderful that it broke my heart to leave. I thought that no other church could match the enjoyment I had there. However, after 7 ½ wonderful years in the church in Anchorage, I was once again devastated by the need to move back to Oregon. How could I leave the dear believers in the local church there? Then, in 1994 I came to regard my experience in the church in Corvallis, Oregon as the top. I expected my experience in the church in Corvallis to be eclipsed by my previous local church involvement. Now, in the fall of 1999, I once again view my present local church experience as the best. Not that any local church is better than another—no, all the churches I’ve lived with and visited are rich in the enjoyment of Christ. What I’ve experienced is becoming a vital member of the Body of Christ which is progressively building itself up in the sphere of love.


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