Enjoying Christ within an Ordinary Life

I was raised in the Midwest in a protestant home. During college, I turned away from Christianity for several years. After my father died in 1989, I moved to the west coast.

About nine years ago, I came in contact with the local church through a man I worked with. What I saw was that this man was different. He didn’t even speak about the Lord at first.

Since then, I have married and now my husband and I are about to have our second child. My life is now quite ordinary from the outside, but it is filled with daily experiences of enjoying Christ as life. I know the Lord has placed me here, doing what I do, in order to be a functioning member of His Body. Through the ministry and my fellowship with the believers in the church in this locality, my eyes of faith have been opened to see the Lord’s working in my life, in my family, and in the lives of others.


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